PImages and videos: Giorgio Giliberti, Paola Ferrari, Enzo Pancaldi, Massimo Casale, Elisa Corridoni


Whoever enters the Albinelli Market is informed that he or she could be photographed or filmed anytime, therefore automatically authorize for free, time limitless (according to artt. 10 and 320 civ.cod. and artt. 96 and 97 rule 22.4.1941, n. 633, Authors’ rights and Copyright Law) the publication of his or her pictures and videos on the Albinelli web site or social networks. In addition to this, authorizes the storing in the digital Market’s archives. The scope is not commercial, only for Albinelli Market image development and enhancement. Should he or she decide not to appear, it is possible anytime to ask the Market Management to be cancelled from the archives.