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It’s about us

The last October journalists and blogger from around the world visited the Albinelli’s Market One of them was Kerwin McKenzie. Here you can read his story about the Motor Valley, Modena, where to stay and the food. Visiting The Motor Valley In Modena In...

Restaurants’ opening time

Special opening time for the restaurants. from 6/1 to 17/1 closed from 18/1 to 24/1, open only for lunch from 25/1 open also the evening, from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Taxi reservation from the Market is now possible!

Interesting agreement between the Albinelli Market Consortium and Modena Cotamo taxi to reserve a taxi from Giorgia Boni’s newsstand. Reserving from the Market, will guarantee a 1 euro discount on each drive. The pick up point is located in via Mondatora, at the...

Lunch at Albinelli

Many proposals for your lunch at the Albinelli market.Tortellini, homemade baked pasta, pizza, roasted chicken, cured meats and cheese till 2.30 pm.

Aperture straordinarie per Vasco

Venerdì 30 e sabato 1 è possibile fare la spesa al Mercato regolarmente e poi aperture straordinarie pomeridiane e notturne per far gustare le specialità del territorio anche ai fans di VascoSi stanno per accendere le luci sul palco dell’evento del secolo e anche il...